Bye, Business Card.
Hello, QIQR.

The smart business data layer for contact generation

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It's QIQR because it's „Quicker“

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Beyond the limits of paper

Introducing the New Standards for Traditional Networking

QIQR Unveils These Innovations

  • Innovative Contact Management
  • Effortless Real-Time Data Updates
  • Instant Contact Sharing (Within 5 Seconds)
  • Automatic Update Notifications (Changes in Phone, Position, etc.)
  • Printable inmutable QR Code
  • NFC Technology for Quick Contact Exchange
  • Enhanced Privacy (Invisible to Search Engines like Google)
  • Customizable QIQR Profiles for Selective Information Sharing
  • Profile View Tracking to Monitor Engagement

Business & Enterprise Features

  • Centralized Employee QIQR Management backend
  • Networking Analytics Dashboard
  • Data Security and Privacy Controls
  • Integration with Corporate CRM Systems
  • Custom Branding Options

Why QIQR Over Traditional Business Cards?

Elevate Your Networking Game with Smart Solutions

Higher Retention Rate

QIQR ensures your contact details are always handy and not discarded like 70-88% of traditional business cards.

Improved Follow-Up Rate

With QIQR, follow-ups become effortlessly efficient, easily surpassing the low engagement typical of manual paper card entry.

Enhanced Networking Efficiency

QIQR fits perfectly in digital-centric environments, offering immediate integration unlike traditional business cards.

Making Memorable First Impressions

QIQR enhances initial contacts with its digital format, ensuring impactful and lasting first impressions in networking.

Positive Environmental Impact

QIQR is an eco-friendly alternative to paper cards, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable practices.

Keeping Pace with Cultural Shifts

Stay ahead with QIQR in a world where digital contact sharing is increasingly becoming the standard.


Plans starting at $0


Always free QIQR version
  • Free QIQR profile
  • Add your Website, Linkedin and more
  • Grab your permanent QR code. Print it!
  • Share your contact details easily
$0 - Always free


The real innovation
  • Free QIQR features +
  • See other QIQR users who captured your QIQR
  • Create cloud lists of contacts
  • Get notified when contact updates
  • Get NFC card and sticker
$3 / mo / user - Billed yearly


Go beyond
  • Business QIQR features +
  • Customize the profile and QR with logo, colors
  • Integration with Salesforce and other CRM
  • Get personalized NFC card and sticker
  • Sindicate contact lists to new employees
From $9 / mo / user - Billed yearly